Want to find a motel: Follow these tips

People enjoy traveling a variety of reasons. People undertake traveling for personal and professional reasons . Whatever may be the reason, one always comes across a situation where one needs to find a suitable accommodation while on the road. Many travelers prefer a motel that offers clean, quiet, affordable accommodations, preferably by the roadside.

One generally comes across several motels on the outskirts of a city and even on a connecting highway while traveling from one city to another. Not all motels are compliant with exacting Ministry standards. There are number of motels on route 66 to choose from.

While traveling, consider the following suggestions when searching for suitable motel accommodations:

1. Consider the location of the motel. The motel need not be situated in a neighborhood where there isn’t proper lighting or is a deserted locality. One must also be careful of the local crowd of the area where the motel is located. Pay attention to your instincts. If you feel uneasy around these local people, simply avoid renting a room from this motel. Take this as a warning bell that the place is not good enough to stay.

2. Before traveling, do an internet search about popular motel chains in the area you will be visiting. If you choose to stay at the motel that is well-established, you have to be prepared to shell put some extra money. You can then, try and find out if there is a motel from a particular chain of motels on the route that you plan to travel upon. Many motels have names that are quite different from their motel chain. Motels belonging to a chain offer safe, comfortable, and reliable services.

3. Always choose a motel located close to a freeway. Since most motels do not serve food, it is better to choose one that is close to a freeway because food establishments are usually located near freeways. Also you will have to face lot of problems if you want to access public transport.

4. Also conduct a pre-inquiry about the motel before finalizing regarding location or accessibility of the rooms. Motel rooms which enable guests to access rooms from the outside pose a security risk. Prior to renting a motel room, ensure that the motel also has a security guard and cameras.

5. The motels must be equipped with features like good bedding, free parking, amiable staff and clean ambiance. These are mandatory requirements for staying in a good motel.

6. Most motels offer discounts or deals on if you stay there for more than two days but you need to inquire about this beforehand. Manager usually have no qualms about offering discounts during the off season.

Following the above tips would ensure that you do not land up at a route 66 motel with indecent service and unreliable sources.

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