How To Find The Best Motels On Route 66

Are you planning to take some break from the monotonous life and go on a vacation? The uncertainty and expensive tickets and accommodation also force people to change their mind. Nonetheless, there are various options of motels on route 66 those who offer stay for vacation at reasonable price. Though these motels offer features and amenities like many other hotels, but then at very reasonable and rational price. These are clean and safe to stay during your travel. Following are few tips that will guide you for better short listing and selection before booking motels on route 66:

1. Travel Details:
When finding a motel, it is very important to take into account the duration of the stay? The next thing you must consider is whether you are travelling alone or with family. These points will make a better and informed decision.

2. Cost:
It is advisable to do proper research about the prices of the hotels and motels in that area. Try and find out from your family, friends and acquaintances that have travelled to this place before about the safety in and around the motel. Don’ just the price be the guiding factor alone. There are other factors like safety, location, staff and parking that also matters. Try and strike a deal with the manager. Keeping the flexible dates will also help you in getting a good deal. If possible look for discount coupons or deals.

3. Distance: Either on business or leisure trip distance does matter. Before making the bookings don’t forget to check the distance from places of interest or town. You must try and find a motel that is well connected with public transport.

4. Features:
The motels though don’t offer much of services in comparison to hotels. Before you make the booking, look for the following features:

I. Easy to access rooms
II. Swimming pool
III. Room and bed selection
IV. Wifi
V. Extended check-in hours

5. Nearby restaurants: Prefer a motel that has number of restaurants or eateries around it. Remember that motels don’t have restaurants. If you want to taste local flavor and save money, it is recommended to try out local eating joints.

6. Parking facility: As motels offer parking facility, it is highly appreciated by travelers. The motels offer parking right at the door step, which adds to the guest experience. This also save the guests from the unnecessary trouble of carrying the language and going to their rooms.

7. Reviews:
It is very important to check on the reviews of the motels before booking it. There are many online sites where you can read honest reviews about the motel. Look for things like cleanliness, beds, room, safety and staff.

Though the reputation of motels is that of being substandard, but the fact is that they are the most reasonable, suitable and sensible way to enjoy a vacation. It is not very difficult to find manassas hotel you just have to put in little patience.

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