Why Are Motels On Route 66 A Popular Accommodation Choice?

Often travelers avoid going to the motels when they are on look for accommodations. There are a few who worry about the hygiene, ambience and cleanliness, there are few who worry about their safety. In the recent times motels on route 66 have gone a long way in improving the services offered to the travelers and have become a popular accommodation choice. In fact motels on route 66 are fast replacing route 66 hotels as the first choice for not only the business traveler but for families as well It won’t be wrong to say that motels on route 66 are replacing the hotels. Some of the factors that work in favor of a route 66 motel as an accommodation choice are:

1. Affordable: If your travelling budget is low, then you must pick motels for the stay. If you wish to explore Manassas with a tight budget then motels can help you a lot as they are affordable, which means you can utilize the saved money to add to your to do list. You can use the money saved for stretching your vacation by a few extra days or in some other vacation leisure activities

2. Comfortable: Since the size of a motel is much less than a hotel, you would never find more than a few people lodged in a given motel. Because of this factor the motel should be your pick. You can easily enjoy your visit at the motel. The staff is also trained in providing personalized services to each and every guest.

3. Easy to Find: Almost all motels have a direct accessibility from the parking to the room. Connectivity saves you from the unnecessary toil of carrying heavy luggage from parking to the room and it also allows you to keep a check on your car. This facility may bring relief to you after having traveled a long distance to motels.

4. High end amenities: The facilities that are provided at the route 66 hotels are now being provided by the motels as well. The facilities provided at the motels ranges from complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, fitness center, access to the internet and many more.

5. Chance to look around: Motels don’t offer foods people get the chance to explore new places while looking for the food in nearby areas. You may even get a chance to know the historic city Manassas well by staying in motel nearby it.

6. Welcome families with Pet: The hotels at route 66 might not be as friendlier as motels are. If you plan to stay in motels then you may get a chance to take your pets along. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the pet as it will be around you forever. However, before checking in, make sure that the motel that you have selected allows you to keep the pet.

In order to avail all these benefits of lodging in a route 66 motel, you should be very careful while you select the best one. There are a few motels that don’t provide adequate satisfactory services. Make a proper research over the internet and read the customers reviews and testimonials Research online about the detail of the motels. Make sure you book the accommodation in advance to avoid the last minute panic.

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