Motels on Route 66 for Comfort

Motels are generally a cheaper option in comparison to hotels and also come with the same facilities as hotels, thereby generating vast appeal amongst the public. They are also considered to be a preferable option over hotels by those people who are looking for a quick stop and hence, wish to avoid shelling out a lot of money on accomodation. Route 66 has several easy to afford motels. In case you are planning a trip during off season, then don’t forget to check prices in advance as you may find cheaper deals One would also come across several Route 66 hotels offering much cheaper prices during off season times One would generally discover several cheap route 66 motel during off season than the actual advertised ones. However, you would need to put in that extra personal effort to secure the best deal available. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to find the best motels on Route 66:

1. Research: You must begin with using the internet to conduct a thorough research for Route 66 motels. You surely would not like to check in a motel that is low standard. This would help you in shortlisting those motels which appear to fulfill your criteria. However, while doing so, do have a look at all the available customer reviews.

2. Call motels: Secondly, visit the home websites of the shortlisted motels to get a better picture of the facilities being offered and the tariffs. Obtain the contact details from their websites and personally call the ones you wish to finalize. Check that the staff must be friendly and ready to provide information.

3. What To Inquire: One of the most important points to verify while confirming a booking at one of the motels of Route 66 is what meals are included in the tariff rate. This is because you would come across several motels on Route 66 which would be willing to offer you complimentary breakfast or dinner. However, this may generally be restricted to a single meal during the stay at the motel. Another thing which you must verify is whether or not there is sufficient parking space and whether there is space for parking outside the rooms or not. You may find it convenient to have your car right outside your room during your stay.

4. Strike a deal: In case you are planning to spend more than one night then you must check with the concerned motel staff for any prior discounts. One would come across several motels which would render discounted packages for stay beyond two nights. You must not forget to obtain charges for both offseason as well as in season times, for better comparison.

5. Stay off city: Some of the best packages are offered by motels at Route 66 which are little distant from the main town side. It is universally true, that most of the motels nearer to the main city would be more expensive than the ones further away. Also this will allow for peaceful and serene stay.

Follow the above points and grab yourself a great deal and stay at one of the budget route 66 hotels.

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